24/7 Flood Clean Up Services in El Paso, TX

Don't panic if your structure is flooded

Ram Janitorial Services provides flood cleanup services 24/7. Common causes of floods in commerical or residential structures include: 

  • Water heater bust
  • Toilets overflow 
  • Undersink plumbing bust
  • Washer connections leak

Floods most often occur when there are drastic changes in temperature! When pipes expand or contract it can cause a structure to flood in a matter of hours which immediately costs thousands of dollars in damages. 

Your insurance company may cover all of the costs!

Your insurance company may cover all of the costs!

Whether it's your first time dealing with water damage or you've experienced it before, let Ram Janitorial Services take care of everything!

Let us remove the contents from the affected areas and properly dispose of any damaged flooring, baseboards, sheet-rock etc. so you don't have to! Our team will take care of any water and debris before we bring in our dry out equipment and dehumidifiers to help restore your space.

Arrange for emergency flood cleanup services to keep mold from spreading throughout your home. We can install new flooring and repaint your structure when we're done removing damaged materials. Once things are looking better we will submit a report and bill your insurance!